FB Auto Commenter APK Free Download Latest v1.0.02 for Android

FB Auto Comment APK Free Download Latest v14.0 for Android

About FB Auto Commenter APK:

FB Auto Commenter: You have had heard about Facebook likes, but you would never hear about Auto commenting on Facebook. The power of Auto commenting is higher as compared to like on Facebook because commenting shows the engagement of user or friend. If you get lots of Likes on your Fan page or profile or status and do not get plenty amount of comments and desire to get a handsome amount of comments, then you should try FB Auto Commenter app once. This application will provide you plenty amount of auto comments on your desired post at your desired time. You just download the application from the link below. And log into your ID with this application, and follow all the protocols, it will become easier for you to get comments.

How to get auto comments from FB Auto Commenter app?

How the thing will work for you, mean to say, how one can get comments. The procedure of getting comments is simple and straight-forward.

  1. You need to post an image, a post on your Fan page or update the profile picture, and the URL of that picture, you need to copy that.
  2. Put that URL (Your desired image, status or post) in the list of Auto comments in Facebook Auto Commenter app.
  3. Plus also add the comments, your desired comments, appreciation or whatever you want to comment on your own picture or status, you can mention.
  4. And now, the timing of adding that comment to your profile. After that, you just tap the button comment now, and your desired, saved comment will be posted to your profile. The profile which will comment on your profile will be unknown to yours. But others do not know, this person is unknown to you. It will seem like a genuine person commented and appreciated your stuff on Facebook.
So, get the amusement of getting plenty amounts of auto-comments on your profile, fan page, or picture. Download FB Auto Commenter app APK file from the link below. And, the link has already been updated the latest version, you just tap, and the file will be ready. Do not forget to share this post with your friends, and do comments in case of any problem.

FB Auto Commenter APK Free Download Latest v1.0.02 for Android
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