Androrat APK Free Download Latest v1.2 for Android

Rating: 3.6/5. From 16 votes.
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Name: Androrat
Developer: DDT
Category: Tools
Version: v1.2
Last Updated: September 14, 2018
Downloads: 6829
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About Androrat:

If you want to get access to all the mobile phone which has been connected to the network of you, then you should try this Androrat app. This application what can do is not lesser than a small hacking. But, should use this application for the educational purpose, any wrong use of the application will be directed to you. Download Androrat application, originally this is client site application and developed in Java, this helps you to know the inch and corners of your servers. The name also came from RAT (Remote access tool) and Android. So, you can say, controlling the people who have connected to the server or network of you.

As I said, this is the great tool; one should use it for the educational purpose only. The person who is connected to the network of you will know, someone has gained the access to the computer he/she is using. The person who is connected to your network will directly track out using this simple application. You can have all the information on the connected mobile phone; can have the access to the private data even. You just need to download this application, what we have provided you tap the button and get the file.

Features of Androrat:

  • This tool got great features, one can get access to the personal information like can get to know the call logs of the connected device, can read the messages can have the contact list of the person and much more.
  • Track the location of the connected device, find out the GPS.
  • Check the browsing history of the person.
  • Real-time receiving and sending messages.
  • Even can take the snapshot of what is going out there.
  • Hear the real-time sound by using the microphone of the device.
  • Can get the video access.
  • Check the installed application.
  • Open URL in the browser.
  • You should say by using this Androrat APK, you will get complete control of the device.

So, download Androrat app APK file, tap the download button and get the file. Hope the download link would be working fine, if not then comment down in the section.

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Rating: 3.6/5. From 16 votes.
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Androrat APK Free Download Latest v1.2 for Android [Binder Cracked]


Category: Tools
Version: v1.2
Update: September 14, 2018