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Bugtroid Pro APK Free Download Latest v5.0.1 for Android

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Bugtroid is an application which can actually turn your little phone into a hacking machine. The application comes with the dozens of tools, which one can install and use to hack or exploit different situations. The application is developed for the hackers, who use to find it hard to collect different tools and features to get their job done. This Bugtroid app actually forming such an application which got every tool, feature, machine what can help the hacker to hack anything he/she wants? There are dozens of features and function of this application. And it would not be possible for anyone in just one post to explore the inch and squares of such a big application.

You can use this application on an high-ended Android phone, and without rooting the app may not work for you. So, you will have to root the phone, we have offered you dozens of rooting apps like Kingroot, Root Installer, Root Access, Easy Rooting Toolkit, & Super One Click Root. Pick any of them, and root the phone, to taste such a brilliant application.

Features of Bugtroid:

These are some useful features of this application.

  • Anonymity
  • Search people
  • Audit for frequencies 802.11 (Wireless and Bluetooth)
  • Mapping Networks
  • Remote
  • DDOS
  • Sniffers
  • Pentesting
  • Security
  • Forensics
  • Web Analysis
  • Cryptography
  • Brute Force
  • Antivirus
  • System and much more.

Either it is the anonymity what a hacker seeks for, or the proxy browser or an application to hide the IP address. All such tools have been inducted into this on the application. You can use the FakeGPS feature, to make a fake and artificial GPS to make the speakers not to track your IP address. You can use the Wi-Fi hacking tool to hack any Wi-Fi connection nearby you.

Use pen-testing tools, to penetrate into any of the networks you want, get a brute-force attack to attack any network, and install malicious injection to get a network down, analyze a network, and check the activity without any hiccup. The use of the application is a little bit complex, and one should have a tech and networking background to get the job done.

If you tend to learn networking, hacking, penetrating and other stuff. It would be ideal to start with such a remarkable application and explore the inch and squares of the application. Download Bugtroid Pro APK file from the given download link and install it on your Android phone.

Try this similar tool name with AndroRat APK 🙂

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