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Cartel Kings Download Apk for Android Mobiles and Tablets

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Cartel Kings apk

Game is based on shooting and killing, first always keep in mind this type of games are just for entertainment don’t be negative always stay positive okay now we come to point that your character of the game  will be a killer and a big professional thief who goes to city and streets to involve in robberies and for protecting himself kills those all people who want to try to arrest him , it has a self protection plan because it is necessary to participate lots of robberies to win uncountable money , after cleaning people by killing them go to the next step robbery task but sometime you will be stuck in people and those people can attack on you in this way you might pass away and in this situation as after your death game absolutely comes to end so there is need to survive a long time until you complete your mission by the way there are more way to protect yourself you can hide yourself behind a great wall or you can sit behind a vehicle, and you can disappear yourself anywhere any time to ride off from the disaster, press and holds to fire weapons, tap for single shot, tap icon for Frenzy mode, grab your loot you are the crazy guy who gets his kicks from blowing stuff up in his pocket. What’s your name? Pick a name you like it is shown to other people and you can’t change it later, get good looking for clothes you like. Take the guns in hand then here comes trouble, tap icon to reload the gun’s bullets, blast the target to win loot, tap weapon card to switch weapon, expand your turf on a city block to take it over and clear it, build your criminal empire, tap on the empty city block to build on it, special jobs unlock after job 10, loot the banks, participate in robberies and steal the goods of people, crash police cars by opening fires on them spread massive destruction, the wonderful gun is in your hand which is very powerful and made by rigid iron, Keep eyes on your enemy who has been dreaming to hunt you but it is not so easy to hunt you as you are one very alert and active man, don’t let your enemy play with you when you see them kill them by your amazing hunting shotgun. This Cartel Kings MOD apk game made me so excited when I tried to play it the first time it was a very great experience as the character of the game so attractive in the look you can change it as you wan to see it in different types of shapes with a good looking variety of colorful dressing.

General information of Cartel Kings MOD apk

Size: 149 Mb

Offered by: Mobile Gaming Studios

Released on : 17 Jun,2015

Download Cartel Kings apk


Cartel Kings Apk


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