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Cloud Chasers Apk Download for Android

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Cloud Chasers apk

Cloud Chasers apk
         Cloud Chasers apk

Cloud chaser game is based on to those world biggest deserts where there is nothing a single water drop in your access and life of human and animal is very hard to survive and to live as lack of water is a major problem of these like areas where there is an only source of water is just rain so in this game your mission starts to gather the water to save your and family lives who are living in a worldwide dried and deadly biggest desert where you can never get a single drop of water without making hard struggle so your mission is getting water from the clouds above your hometown, move to the marked circle. Tap to give moving instruction. Water is your most valuable resource you can gather water as soon as you reach a cloud. Gather water by flying through clouds. Press the left side of the screen to move to the left, press on the right side to move to the right, press on both sides to get a speed boost. Try to avoid the harvesting drones. They might hurt you the big one might even kill you when it starts it’s the harvesting engine, so, if it gets too dangerous or you gathered enough water, press the land button on the bottom center of the screen and land on the sandy desert which is your hometown, be very careful though crashing into mountains does a lot of damage. In the desert you might encounter events, some are getting visible as you get closer, some stay invisible, scout for an event by pressing the scout button in the top left corner of the screen. Search for the truck and walk to it to start the event. In events, you might have to make a decision. The event can be dangerous but make the right one. Drag items to Francisco’s or Amelia’s picture to consume them or on the glider picture to repair the folder, repair the folder by dropping the repair kit on the folder picture. At the end of every desert there is a city, travel to the next city to end this tutorial. The game has a wonderful adventure the adventure of family survival be honest I liked it so much I would like to say that this game won my heart and it got 100 % out of +100% marks it made me feel so excited and emotional you must try it once a very amazing having a very hard adventure that is very interesting as gathering the water in the deserted area through the cloud by using your glider, fly in the sky and fetch the water through the clouds.

General information of Cloud Chasers apk

size: 78 MB

Offered by: Blindflug Studios AG

Released on: 14 Oct 2015

Download Cloud Chasers MOD apk


Cloud Chasers Apk


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