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Grand Theft Auto 3 Apk + OBB Data Free Download for Android

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Grand theft auto III APK (GTA 3)


GTA 3 games were released in October 2001 and in that year it becomes the top-selling video game and it won many awards. 14.5 million copies of this game have been sold. It is an action-adventure game and user can do many things in it like jumping, running, fighting and can use many vehicles. You can download Grand Theft Auto 3 Apk + OBB Data full version for free from our this post. In this game cars are available at the fingertips, one can snatch cars easily from anyone in this game and this feature is very cool. There is also a body armor, which can be used by the player to absorb gunshots and explosives in the combat. The best part of the game is when your health is finished the game will be stopped and will restart from the nearest hospital and then from there you can play again and can do missions again. One can do many things freely in this game without any worry or restrictions. When you complete different missions for the gangs then those gang members will defend you when you will be in problem and they will fight for you. The user can go everywhere in this game by using the taxi service and the best thing is they will charge only a little from the user. Grand Theft Auto III is considered to be the first 3D game in the series. There are many cheat codes which can be used by the user to do things fast. There are many missions in it some are hard and some are very easy and at the same time, some missions are too much frustrating. GTA III is full of many surprises, the user will enjoy it. This game takes place in a fictional metropolis knows as Liberty City. The other best part of the game is that every mission starts with a cut scene and that explains the whole mission nicely and the user can miss some missions throughout the game.

GTA iii apk

Grand theft auto III (GTA 3) APK and OBB File:

APK is the file format used by the Android OS. APK file is a package which contains the installation of mobile apps. When the user finishes developing our app and won’t make it public for our users, the user compiles the project and pack into an APK file. An APK file contains all of those programs code assets, resources, manifest file, certificates and can be installed on Android OS. From here you can download Grand Theft Auto 3 Apk + OBB Data files for free.


How to get GTA 3 APK:

This game is not free on play store, but you can get it free on Google by just follow these steps:

  • Click on the given button below
  • Download GTA III APK
  • Go to your device memory
  • Click on GTA 3 Apk

Once the Grand Theft Auto 3 Apk + OBB Data downloaded,  it can be installed on the android system with great ease. It is similar in nature to the installation of WIN.RAR on a Windows system. Once the application has been installed on the android system, some versions may need a payment to continue. We have provided the legal Apk files, not any Grand Theft Auto 3 Apk Mod. It can be done by paying for the game online and then entering the code to unlock the full version of the game.

GTA 3 Apk




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