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NMAP APK Free Download Latest v1.0 for Android

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Do you want to know which tool is the most used tool around the globe to take down a network? NMAP, this tool is globally recognized, and most of the ethical/unethical hackers are using to detect the hidden windows or vulnerabilities of a network. For those, who want to get entered in the hacking field. But does not know from where to start and how to start. We are going down to provide you the tool, just grab it and start the job. Over time, you would get to know how the tool works, and how it diagnosis the hidden windows on a network.

So, if you also want to check the security of your network (Before that, some hacker try to check), then it also can help you in this regard. The link has already been given; you just get it from the provided link and install it on your Android device.

What is NMAP?

NMAP originally a tool which network administrator use to check the security gaps in a network. Like, if you want a tighten security on your network, network of connected devices, then you to check the security by yourself by using the tool. It is a free and open-source program; anyone can get it, edit it and use it accordingly. For system administrators specifically, they can check and analyze ports and get to know the security gaps on a network.

How to use NMAP Android?

  1. This application can be used by any person, a technical or non-technical. As there are built-in commands there, you are not required to be a programmer. You just get it installed on your Android phone, and provide the URL where you want to attack.
  2. The tool can also be used to analyze the performance of different devices, like response times, pinging and much more.
  3. By using the tool, you can scan the ports of the connected device available on a network, and check either they are open or not.
  4. With this tool, you can fetch the IP address of the connected devices, the usernames of the devices, operating system, and other basic info.
  5. If you get all these information, by using the IP address bar over the home screen of NMAP. You can target on that IP address, and can take the full control of that device.
  6. But, to get the job done, you need to have a rooted phone.
  7. You easily can root your phone, by using Kingroot, Root Master, Baidu Root or Key Master Root.

Features of NMAP Android app:

  • NMAP is an application you must get and analyze your security. As, you should get to know the level of security over your network, the original purpose of designing of this application was the same.
  • By using NMAP Android app you can diagnose the security vulnerabilities on a network.
  • If you are an administrator, you can attack your network, and get to know how a hacker can get your network down.
  • You can attack the provided IP address.
  • By using it, you can check the devices connected to a particular network, their usernames, WPA/WPA2, operating systems, IP addresses and much more.

The application needs some carefulness, as any wrong move can lead you to a dead end or criminal activity. So, only use the app to check the security gaps on a network. Download NMAP latest APK file for Android from the link, and install it on your device or tablet.

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