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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 APK + OBB Data Download For Android

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This game is published by Konami and this game was the fifteenth edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. This game was released on 20 October 2015. It was the top-selling video game of that year. This game also nominated for many awards and earned many positive reviews. Pro evolution soccer 2016 can also be known as World Soccer and abbreviated as PES 2016. This game scored 9.5 out of 10 by IGN. And scored 4 out of 5 by gamers all over the world. This game was the best football game ever made. The game spot is the famous website and they scored 9 out of 10 for this part of the game. Everything in PES 2016 is just amazing and enjoyable. This game also attracts many youngsters and rated one of the best video game. Graphics are also improved in this part of the game and everything looks realistic and fresh. In this game, the player can feel the movement of the ball naturally and amazingly. This game is much more physical as compared to its previous parts. The game has 24 stadiums in the PlayStation or Xbox versions, but only 16 stadiums in Windows versions. There are many leagues in this game, for example, UEFA champions league and UEFA Super Cup. In this part of the game, the player is no longer under the pressure to pass the ball and can wait for the options to unfold and players can also protect themselves. There are many challenging moments in this game and not that way easy to reach the ball. One can also have fun between the highlights of this game. PES production has done a great job and improvement in the graphics of this game is also amazing. The player can enjoy this game in every possible way. This game is also in two modes, one is single player mode and another mode is multiplayer. The clothing textures are also very sharper in this game and the weather effects are also very good.

pes 2016 apk
pes 2016 apk


APK is the file format used by the Android OS. APK file is a package which contains the installation of mobile apps. An APK file contains all of those programs code assets, resources, manifest file, certificates and can be installed on Android OS.

How to get APK:

This game is not free on play store, but you can get it free on Google by just follow these steps:

  • Open any browser and search allapkfiles in google it
  • After that, many links pop up, just click the top one
  • Then search the keyword “PES 2016 Apk

After following these steps, the user will be provided multiple links to the APK of the game. Anyone of those links can be used to download an APK for that game. Once the APK has been downloaded, it can be installed on the Android system with great ease. It is similar in nature to the installation of WIN.RAR on a Windows system.





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    I have tried all the procedures but I’m unable to download the game

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    • hello tilichi i have made video for how to play pro evolution scoccer game you can check it…

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