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Reaver (RFA) APK Free Download Latest v1.30 for Android

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About Reaver (RFA) APK:

Do you want to hack internet Wi-Fi of your neighbor? Are you living in a place where you got no Wi-Fi and you need it to do stuff? OK, alright. The application what I am going to share with you though takes some hours to get the job done, but it really works. This will definitely make you get the WPS password of the nearby connection so that you could use the internet without paying. Though it may not be that easy what it sounds like if you could follow the footstep you surely get what you are ought to. Reaver (RFA) is the applications you need to download from the given download link. And install it on your Android phone to hack any connection nearby you.

Reaver is actually a hacking tool which makes you reveal the password of WPA (2) router within 2-10 hours of the time. RFA is a penetrating tool which is developed and released by Tactical Network Solutions, and it attacks WPS enabled router and after WPS PIN attacked, the password has revealed the password. And by getting that password, you would be using the internet connection. But there is a long list of to-do stuff what you need to provide before going down.

How to download and install Reaver (RFA)?

Before downloading and installing Reaver app on your Android phone, you need to get your hands on Bcmon to download it. As, it is the most important tool, that you need to have on your phone, before even installing Reaver APK file.

  1. Download Reaver for Android from given provided download link.
  2. If you are finding it hard to get it installed on your phone. You might not have changed the Android’s installation settings.
  3. Tap on the settings of the phone >> security settings and find the unknown source radio button.
  4. Toggle the button on and you are all set to install Bcmon on your phone.
  5. Now, you can easily install Reaver APK file on your Android phone.

Root your phone first:

Before installing Reaver on your phone, you need to root the device. As the application needs root permission, and if you do not have a rooted phone, get it rooted. You can have dozens of the rooting tools from the landed website, you can grab any. Like, Cloud Root, 360 Root, Key Root Master, Z4Root, CF Auto Root and there are dozens of others that can help you in rooting the phone with just one tap of the finger.

How to use Reaver (RFA) to hack Wi-Fi?

Now, the final step comes to hack the connection, by using the stunning application Reaver. As I mentioned, the important of Bcmon in taking a network or internet is sheerly important. You cannot miss the app and to get the fruits from Reaver.

  1. After getting the Reaver and Bcmon installed, tap on the Reaver application icon to launch.
  2. Now, you can see the different options to hack the network, WPA/WPA2. Though the former was not there before but has been added now, thanks for the developers.
  3. And now you can see the different connection nearby you, the data will start to be accumulating, and you can target any particular network.
  4. This will take a few hours to get the job done. But this not necessary that the application surely works for every router. It sometimes depends on the router to router and this application originally test every possible 8 digit pin with 10^4 + 10^3 possibilities.

So, download Reaver (RFA) APK for Android from the given download link and have any network in your access nearby you.

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